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A web application and API framework in modern C++


Using Luna


Using the project template

Included with the Luna source code is a fully functional project template you can use to start your own Luna-built API. Look in examples/project_template for the code.

Let’s build a project called awesomesauce (because I’m feeling super creative at the moment). awesomesauce is the default name in the project template—if you want to change your project name, you’ll need to do a global search and replace on awesomesauce.

Building locally

First, copy the folder examples/project_template to its own folder, foobar, located somewhere handy.

From a terminal window, let’s install the dependencies. First, we need to set up the necessary repositories for conan to search:

conan remote add vthiery
conan remote add degoodmanwilson
conan remote add bincrafters

Then we can install the dependencies themselves. All of Luna’s dependencies are pre-built for Linux and OSX.

conan install .

A note for users of gcc >= 5: You will need to instruct conan explicitly to use stdc++11 instead of conan’s default stdc++, as Luna uses features from C++14.

conan install . -s compiler.libcxx=libstdc++11

This might take a while, that’s OK. You only need to build the dependencies once.

Building the sample code rquires CMake. First, let’s tell CMake to build the project files

cmake .

Then, we can build the project like this:

cmake --build .

Finally run the example with


and check that it works with

curl localhost:8080/api/endpoint

Docker support

There’s a Dockerfile you can try out too, that will build and run the awesomesauce binary. (The port used by the demonstration code is 80.)

docker build -t awesomesauce .
docker run -p 8080:80 awesomesauce

Now visit http://localhost:8080 to see the app in action!

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